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1.5in Bolt


Standard 3/8in diameter socket head bolt for fastening holds to the wall. The threads on our 1 1/2in bolts run up to within a half-inch of the socket cap meaning these bolts can be used on the thinnest of holds.  Requires 5/16in hex wrench to drive.  Made of Steel - 1 1/2in long.

  Quantity.  Without an option selected, you will receive the number of bolts selected in quantity.  If you select an option, you will receive the number of bolts in the option times the quantity.  ex, the 500 bolt option with qty of 2, is 1,000 bolts.

1.5in Bolt - 0
Bolt Quantity
  • Model: habit-11/2blt
  • Application: Indoor
  • Diameter: 3/8in
  • Length: 1.5in
  • Thread Length: Extended
  • Material: Black oxide coated steel
  • Head: 5/16in Hex
  • Date Available: 03/13/2013