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Fixe Plated Steel Bolt Hanger


The Fixe Plated Steel Bolt Hanger is rated at 5600lbs and is suited for all but the most corrosive conditions.  This hanger wil accomodate two carabiners, has three dimples to help prevent spinning and is cut from 4mm plated stock.  This hanger is suitable for climbing gyms, industrial and rigging applications as well as rock climbing and mountaineering.

Available with either a 3/8"/10mm bolt hole or a 1/2"/12mm bolt hole.

- 5600 lbs / 25kn Breaking Strength

- CE/UIAA Certified Life Safety

- 4mm Stock

- Zinc Plated

- 2 Carabiner Capacity

Fixe Plated Steel Bolt Hanger - 0
Hanger Size *
  • Model: habit-013-3/8
  • Date Available: 08/15/2013